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A Lawsuit Cash Advance When the Bank Says “No!”

We provide fast and confidential lawsuit loans to plaintiffs involved in lawsuits. There is no credit check, no employment verification, and funds are often available the next day. Best of all, there are no monthly payments and you don’t have to pay us anything unless you win your case! For a free, no obligation evaluation of your case, contact us today!



Commercial Litigation Funding for Businesses

Businesses are sometimes forced to go to court to receive justice. Commercial litigation financing provides those businesses with working capital while their cases work their way through the legal system. Commercial litigation financing bridges the gap between their immediate need for cash and the funds they expect to receive as part of their settlement. It can take from several months to a year or longer for a personal injury lawsuit to come to trial, but commercial litigation – because of the complexity of the issues – can take even longer. Even years. LawMax advances cash to businesses that are plaintiffs in commercial litigation, and does so on a non-recourse basis.



Adds Value to Your Practice

Pre-settlement funding is expensive, so it is not for every client. But for the plaintiff facing eviction from his home or the loss of her car, an advance against the expected proceeds of the client’s pending lawsuit makes a lot of sense. That’s why more and more trial attorneys are recommending LawMax to clients who are in need of money to pay critical bills. A cash advance from LawMax relieves financial stress so the client is not calling you every two weeks asking when he will see some cash from his lawsuit. Also, pre-settlement funding can help a client resist accepting a low-ball offer from a savvy defendant. An offer you recommend she not accept! In fact, pre-settlement funding – used prudently and when appropriate – enables you to negotiate from strength and get the larger, fairer settlement your client deserves!


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  • LawMax was easy to work with and they approved my case in 24 hours.


  • My friend told me about LawMax. They were courteous, patient and they got me the money I needed to pay my mortgage. Thank you LawMax.


  • I found LawMax on the Internet when I was looking for a lawsuit loan. I submitted an application and they called me back the same day. I received funding quickly and was able to repair my car so I could continue my treatment.


  • I am not sure how I would have paid for my apartment if LawMax didn't approve our case. We have three daughters and were struggling to pay the bills after our accident. LawMax spoke to our attorney and sent us a check in just days.

    Maria and Antonio

  • I tried several companies, but LawMax approved my case quickly and for more money than I thought. I was able to use the money to pay for my surgery.


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